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My Story

 I fell in love with essential oils 20 years ago.  I loved the way they smelled and how they uplifted my mood.  But it wasn't until I was introduced to doTERRA that I discovered how powerful they actually are.  After experiencing a brain injury and some additional health challenges, my once super-fast brain was left in a fog.  I found myself staring off into space a lot as my brain had a hard time focusing. It was frustrating and discouraging. I saw only minimal improvement with medication, and did not enjoy the side effects.  

A natural approach, including doTERRA's essential oils, helped me feel grounded, happier, and brought back my ability to concentrate.  They are part of my daily routine to uplift my mood, support healthy breathing and brain function, hormone balance and more. 

My husband relies on oils to support his digestive system, and to soothe and relax his muscles before and after his long bike rides.  I love to travel with my grown kids, and we never go anywhere without our oils for immune support, restful sleep in new time zones, soothing muscles and relaxing feet after walking all day, or to help keep the mosquitos at bay.  

Basically, we're an oiling family and I'd love to help you learn how to be an oiling family too, and empower you to take more control over your health and wellness! 

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